Therapeutic Riding & Equine Facilitated Learning Lessons

The movement of a horse at a walk mimics the movement of a human body in motion and has proven to be beneficial in training or retraining human muscles.  Balance, concentration, coordination, core strength and circulation can also improve as a result of learning riding skills.  

Beyond riding skills, academic education can be weaved into riding lessons and horsemanship. We specialize in personal, one on one lessons and have the unique insight and experience to tailor a lesson of Therapeutic Riding  and Equine Facilitated Learning to the  specific needs of a client.  

Bev is a PATH certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor.  As a credentialed Special Education teacher, she also specializes in Equine Facilitated Learning.  She can work with you to tailor riding and horsemanship lessons in order to help students meet riding, social, emotional, and academic goals.  

Please call to schedule and discuss individual goals and circumstances. 

Therapeutic Riding/Equine Facilitated Learning Lessons

Therapeutic Riding lessons can be purchased in single or monthly format. Monthly format offers one lesson a week each month.

For one time lesson payments, select the “Purchase” button. For monthly packs, please select “Subcribe” to link to the purchase form.

$300/Month (subscription)



$90/One time Purchase

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