Susan Schramm (Susie)

Susie received her BHSAI (British Horse Society Assistant Instructor) Certificate from Porlock Vale in Somerset County, England in 1973.  She was the school horse program director and instructor at the Lake Oswego Hunt Club form 1985 to 1992.  Susie founded Once Upon a Horse in 1995 and has since been offering a safe, fun, educational approach to riding.  She can instruct both children and adults from a beginner level, however, Once Upon a Horse has downsized considerably and is currently most suited for children ages 2-11 (her horse Gymnast agrees!).

Susie's personal horseback riding experience is primarily in the English riding style but she has also has some experience in eventing competition, as well as Western Pleasure.  She respects both English and Western riding disciplines but loved jumping so English was a better fit for her.

Susie directs and coordinates all RidingLessons, Birthday Parties, Field Trips, and Horse & Pony Planet programs at Once Upon a Horse. She's a natural with children, and is also one of the instructors in our Down in the Barnyard farm and garden based learning program.